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Subversion drug tender: Guangdong Province launched imitation "medicine Exchange" new model
Date:2013-05-23    Clicks:3014

"We are studying the new rules, May 24 amendments submitted will definitely go up. Believe more than us, industry associations, and many companies will have some comments." May 20, Conba (600572) Director of Government Affairs Zhuyue Ping expressed .

May 17, the Guangdong Provincial Pharmaceutical procurement platform released a draft, Guangdong plans to reform the current drug centralized bidding mode, turn on the electronic trading platform, third-party drugs online trading. While clearly hospital procurement of medicines to be taken online purchasing, reporting only the number of species and procurement, bidding to complete the transaction by the manufacturer.

The New Deal in the form of cut interest pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions implicated in the pharmaceutical industry, the impact of existing pattern form. May 20, the two cities pharmaceutical sector overall decrease of 1.54%, multiple pharmaceutical shares fell more than 5%. Guangdong is the province of the domestic pharmaceutical, drug sales out of the three, the market worried that the new procurement policy will affect the sale of drugs in Guangdong.

Insiders also said: "Even if the implementation of new rules, it can not squeeze the net price of medicines in the water because of its pricing reference to historical sales prices and average prices in other provinces, which includes a variety of intermediate expenses." Many medical professionals estimate , despite the provisions Guangdong province May 24 deadline for the comments, but this rule may be more than seek an opinion, it will not be soon implemented.

Follow the "medicine Exchange"

After 2009, the Guangdong provincial drug did not carry out the tender. January 15, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Lin Shaochun Health Conference in the province, said Guangdong will change the mode of direct government investment organization, instead by a third party trading platform to trade. Guangdong Provincial Health Department deputy director Chen Zhu was born description: "Only the government regardless of price limits ...... Which plant, provided the requirements of pharmaceutical production process requirements, can come in and talk about medical institutions or regions of the Commonwealth. Somewhat similar to the existing the stock market, the two sides offer buyer-seller. "

Not Guangdong's first third-party trading platform, March 31, 2010, Chongqing pharmaceutical exchanges to set up, and in that year on December 29 the official carrier. The public hospital in Chongqing procurement of drugs and medical devices all in the exchanges.

Previous government centralized procurement, the provincial organization of the tender only determine the finalists drugs, producing similar drugs may have been short-listed companies, hospitals specific purchases on the list were selected. This form of drug prices in the gray area, the higher the price of medicines, hospital income 15% higher sales bonus.

Chongqing drug Exchange mode in addition to the establishment of price caps, the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies purchasing behavior is entirely conducted online, pharmaceutical companies reported the listing price, the hospital after bargain purchases. After the establishment of Chongqing medicine Exchange, in 2011 compared to 2010 drug sales price decreased 28% or more.

Guangdong New Rules and drug Exchange Mode biggest difference is that Guangdong is the demand for drugs made by the hospital after reporting third-party platform, then the demand by the enterprise according to the hospital to bid, the lowest bidder winning. In fact, the Guangdong bidding model is more complicated. Trading rules in the clear, all transaction types only distinguishes patents, original research, individual pricing, competitive prices and GMP five quality levels, hospital or consortium reported demand for drugs, each of the companies for the declared amount bid, the lowest the bid. Meanwhile, the distribution companies must purchase directly from the manufacturer and settlement, as well as invoicing.

Guangdong Province of third-party trading platform by the Southern United Assets and Equity Exchange Center and the SFDA Southern Medicine Economic Institute belongs jointly set up, had to carry out more in Guangdong pharmacy benefits management Haihong Holdings (000,503) did not participate. Haihong Holdings Securities Department who only that "pay close attention to trends." South of the sources said: "It might emulate Chongqing drug Exchange, taking the form of membership fees received gain."

New regulatory loopholes

"If the full implementation of the new regulations, many domestic enterprises are affected, but cheap drugs will be managed dead." The industry source said, "A lot of companies would like to privately contact with Guangdong, talk about the idea, so now the industry has to remain calm . "Zhuyue Ping also said:" The impact is subversive. "

However, the industry has seen the new rules in Guangdong actionable "Space."

Determine the market price is considered to be the biggest "loophole." Draft stipulates that market price is based on an average of the bid and the provinces of Guangdong in 2009 the tender price. But the source said: "in the provinces in the price itself contains a lot of moisture, for early into the Guangdong market, companies have no incentive to reduce the price bids, which makes the basis of tenders problem."

Secondly, the provision must be made directly from the enterprise distribution companies billing is also considered unrealistic. "Agents operable means a lot, to open a business invoice is not difficult." In addition, the non-Medicare varieties bargaining is also difficult to achieve. Chongqing drug Exchange advocated the "hospital bargaining" is not actually implemented, "the hospital is the bargain down their own interests, logically no hospital would do."

The medical profession believes that once the implementation of new regulations, rules patents, the original research, individual pricing, competitive prices and GMP five quality levels, the last two almost be eliminated: "As long as there are foreign breeds and varieties priced separately, hospitals will try to pick them, because these drugs bids small space. GMP level drug exists, but the risk of default bid, the interests of the hospital is not good to achieve. "

May 17, the Guangdong-based drug procurement program announced earlier, which clearly will be, regardless of the quality of the base drug levels, namely foreign original research and other essential drugs are not separately priced purchase of the column. This formulation with the May 14 announcement of the base Jiangxi drug regimen consistent. Foreign unless self-worth, otherwise it will not participate in the base drug game.

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