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"Fourth Sino-US Clinical and Translational Medicine International Forum" press conference on May 16 in Beijing. "Sino-US Clinical and Translational Medicine International Forum" Preparatory Committee Secretary General, Global Doctors (GlobalMD) China representative office at the meeting, Dr. Zhanxiang, at present, China has established 129 types of clinical and translational medical research centers / platform bodies, to expedite the transformation of biomedical research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases laid the necessary foundation for the building of our country into the medical field ready. But he warns that the focus on quantity, they should be more concerned Translational Medicine Center top-level design and scientific management, through the concept of updating and providing technical services to truly play its translational medical purposes to benefit the people.

Infrastructure shape

When Zhanxiang introduced into medicine in the past 10 years, developments in the field of biomedical sciences extend the new concept. Translational medical research, patient-centered advocacy, discovery and scientific issues raised closely basic and clinical scientists and cross-collaboration. Its core is accelerated biology and medical research into clinical applications effectively guiding theory, applied technology, treatment methods and the latest products in the laboratory and wards, as well as public health policy and medical services market gap between a fast bidirectional channels.

In recent years, more and more emphasis on the international medical community translational medicine, some countries have transformed the focus of medicine as a life science strategic development directions. For example, in 2006, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science set up the Fund will be incorporated into the strategic development of the 21st century NIH Roadmap, the annual Translational Medicine funded project funding of up to $ 500 million; European Union for a similar transformation Medical plans to invest 60 billion euros. January 2012, NIH Clinical and Translational again reforming the U.S. investment-oriented projects and the establishment of the NIH to promote the transformation of scientific development to guide the United States Center for clinical and translational science development, increase in annual funding to $ 900 million.

At the same time, China also attaches great importance to translational medicine, biomedical its development as an important part of the field. In fact, in translational medicine, our country has a unique advantage. When Zhanxiang believe that our case many resources, you can study clinical abundant resources, a patient / a rare or difficult problems, may not be copied is a research and information resources, including pregnant with great research value and scientific exploration opportunities. In addition, China has built a certain amount of clinical research facilities, in addition to transforming medical center, there are more than 400 national drug clinical trial institutions involved in clinical and translational research in the number of professionals also has a very large scale.

When Zhanxiang noted that Sino-US cooperation projects in clinical and translational medicine and "Translational Medicine" magazine The latest statistics show that as of the end of April, in the past three years, China has established various types of clinical and translational medical centers / institutions 129 platform , distributed in 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of universities, three hospitals and the National Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the other, by a number of academicians, as well as "863", "973" project chief scientist such as lead, research covers cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, respiratory diseases, metabolic diseases and other major ailments in basic and clinical research, as well as interdisciplinary science fields.

Comprehensive strength to be a breakthrough

"These Translational Medicine Center was established to promote China's biomedical scientific research, to better improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases laid the foundation." When Zhanxiang in the affirmative, while also pointed out that with the international development of the advanced countries compared Translational Medicine , China's translational medicine still in its infancy, the overall strength to be improved, in management philosophy and technology need to be updated and breakthroughs.

Judging from the management philosophy, our clinical and translational medical yet theoretical guidance system from top to bottom foot work, summed up in line with China's national conditions Translational Medicine roadmap. In addition, the establishment of Translational Medicine Center practice, there is no clear top-level design and implementation of pragmatic solutions, such as many of Translational Medicine Center no such clear thinking and direction.

"We must first sharpen his tools." When Zhanxiang said that at the technical level, the transformation of our country but also the lack of good medical research methodology of the core content. Even the best research ideas or issues, if not advanced technical methods, not clever, is not accurate, the results can not be a class. "When we talk about how to create a repository of biological specimens, the international community has begun to implement the concept of big data and holographic patterns of; when we still used animal model to predict and validate drug efficacy, the people have been using stem cells as drug screening and verification mode the ...... "when Zhanxiang cite a few examples where the gap enough to make us realize.

So, how to close the gap? When Zhanxiang suggestion is that the focus should be on solving basic research and clinical application of transforming disjointed and poor convergence on issues such as the design of integrated basic research, disease prevention, drug clinical validation and other core aspects of top-level design and route Figure. Meanwhile, we must accelerate the transformation of the medical field for professional training of teachers and leaders. "In addition, the most important thing need to 'go and see'." When Zhanxiang stressed, clinical and translational medical center management and decision-making leaders and experts who should go out and learn from the experience of others and carry out exchanges, advanced ideas and technology introduction as I used to.

When Zhanxiang also suggested that our diseases are also the people of other countries around the world people are suffering from the disease, therefore, China's translational medicine should also focus on global cooperation to carry out, that invites collaboration research scientists worldwide disease problems of the people. He said that through the American Clinical and Translational Medicine forum activities, the objective is to influence and lead a group of American Medical Colleges, and translational medical research institutions to build international cooperation projects or joint centers, such as Peking University and the University of Michigan, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and the University of California, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Harvard University, Shanghai Tongji University and the University of Nebraska and so launched a clinical translational medicine cooperation.

It is reported that the theme of "better communication, to bring more fruitful results," the fourth Sino-US Clinical and Translational Medicine International Forum will be held June 22 to 23, held in Beijing, the two countries will be invited to clinical and translational Medical Center officials and transforming research leaders, combined with the current focus of development in the field of translational medicine, a comprehensive display of the latest achievements in recent years, Translational Medicine, New Frontiers in communication, management experience, all-round promotion of technology, capital, information, human resources, management market in the butt.

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